Anum is an independent mobile, frontend/fullstack developer with 8 years of experience in iOS, Android and Web development.

Skills: Swift, React, Firebase, Kotlin, Android, Java, Javascript/Typescript, Node, Azure, HTML, CSS.

She has also integrated applications with several third-party libraries i.e. payment providers such as Stripe and written native modules in React Native to create bridge between Android SDK (written in Java) and Javascript. 

Anum has a pragmatic approach to problem solving and takes on complex tasks. She is passionate, skilled and praised for her dedication towards high quality solutions. Anum is a professional with great communication skills and achieves the very best through focusing on user experience.

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Anum Codes

Anum Codes (FireTech AS) provides consulting in app and web development, application packaging and deployment, testing, project management, api design, automation, mentoring, UI/UX design and more.


Org nr: 917876770


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How to import Objective-C framework in Swift framework

In a normal swift project we would create a bridging-header and import our objective-C framework in the bridging-header. In the case of a framework you will need to create a custom swift module. Let’s say you have an objective-C framework called MyFramework. Firstly, add your framework to the project: Then you need to add an … Continue reading How to import Objective-C framework in Swift framework