Anum is an independent software mobile, frontend/fullstack developer with 7 years of experience in iOS, Android and Web development. Her skills comprise of Swift, React, Kotlin, Firebase, Java, Javascript/Typescript, Node, Azure etc.

Along with iOS/Android and web skills she has also expanded horizons to Google Cloud / Firebase and Azure in order to host the applications for her clients. She has also integrated applications with payment providers such as Stripe and created a module creating bridge between Java and React Native for one the clients. 

She has a pragmatic approach to problem solving and is not afraid to take on complex tasks. She is passionate, skilled and praised for her dedication towards high quality apps. With the experience of building several mobile apps for clients and non-profit organisations, she believes in excelling by practice. She is a hardworking professional with great communication skills and achieves the very best through focusing on user experience. Her positive energy and charisma is applauded by the team members and the clients alike.

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      • Storebrand

        Development of the client’s app. Technologies: React-Native

      • Melin Medical

        Solution architecture consultant for app development Technologies & Processes: Swift, Android, Xamarin, Design Sprint

    • nets


      Maintenance and further development of the client’s app. Signing and Identification bank login. Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, Android, Java

    • norgesgruppen


      Maintenance and further development of their clients’ app. Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, Android, Java

    • nrk


      The tvOS (Apple TV) app in Swift. Replaced TVML. Technologies: Swift, TVML, Data Persistence, Timer, API Integration

    • storebrand

      Worked on their official app for making a claim.  Technologies: Swift

    • OBOSlogo_liggende

      Membership card app with complex UI. Supporting custom layout for several iOS screen sizes.  Technologies: Swift, Objective-C

    • gjensidige

      Worked on a prototype for a brand new concept. Not entitled to provide details. Technologies: Swift

    • ahmadiyya muslim jamaat
      AMJ Norway

      Event and announcement management app for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Norway. Notifies the users via push notifications. Technologies: Swift, Android, Java, Parse, Node, Javascript, mLab

    • avinor

      Worked on Avinor’s official app displaying list of upcoming flights, webcam, airport list. Technologies: Xamarin, .Net/C#

    • SiO

      Student welfare organization’s official iOS app for information, booking, payment. Java based backend system for housing placement.  Technologies: Java, Angular, Swift, SQL

    • SSB_logo

      Statistics Norway’s new websystem. Technologies: AJAX, Json, jQuery, Javascript.

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