How to import Objective-C framework in Swift framework

In a normal swift project we would create a bridging-header and import our objective-C framework in the bridging-header.

In the case of a framework you will need to create a custom swift module.

Let’s say you have an objective-C framework called MyFramework.

Firstly, add your framework to the project:

Then you need to add an aggregate to the project and target list.

Enter the name of the objective-c framework as the product name.

Then go to Build Phases > + > New Run Script Phase.

Enter the following script:

Make sure you set path of the header file to the path the header file of your objective-C framework. You can find the here:

BUILD the aggregate MobileFramework by selecting it from the list of schemes.

Now we must include the framework in our project. We do this by adding the MobileFramework module to the Target Dependencies of our main project (framework).

Now build your MyCustomFramework project.

Simply use the the framework in your swift file by adding the import statement:


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